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How it Works

How Intelligent Produce Packaging Works

Intelligent Produce Packaging (IPP) ,is a low-density polythene (LDPE). It has a selectively micro porous structure enabling excess water vapour to escape whilst maintaining humidity to prevent produce dehydration. The film is treated to prevent moisture from falling on the produce, which causes deterioration.  Also, IPP is impregnated with a special mixture of natural minerals, which form a permeable film. This mixture only allows a certain amount of oxygen to enter the bag over time. As a result, the produce stored can breath at a rate governed by the amount of oxygen available. This stabilizes the metabolic rate causing it to be more moderate than other methods of storage available while maintaining high levels of humidity but with minimal condensation. The produce stays fresher, crisper and healthier with virtually no weight loss. The risk of spoilage is dramatically reduced.

The advantages of IPP:

  • The film is more flexible and adaptable. This means that it can be used for a wide variety of products such as fruit, vegetables and herbs without the need for different films for each.
  • The formula contains the very latest film technology. It has been vigorously subjected to independent tensile strength, oxygen transmission, carbon dioxide and water vapour transition rate tests.
  • IPP is a very durable and effective film, allowing us to reduce the thickness and weight of the film meaning reduced packaging to approximately 30%. The resins are of course food grade approved by the FDA.

Intelligent Produce Packaging

IPP packaging is simplicity in itself. Just cool the produce to the recommended core/pulp temperature, (this will vary from produce to produce), line the interior of the crate with the IPP liner and place the cooled, dry product in the liner. Then fold the liner over the top. It is important that the cases or crates are well ventilated to allow the packaging to work effectively. It is also important that the correct protocols are followed to get the best possible results; these protocols are available on request.