the intelligent choice in Produce Packaging


IPP is by far the most advanced film of its type. Its applications are endless, and the potential savings for the growers and exporters are huge.

  • Maintaining optimum freshness right to the point of sale
  • Conserving colour, nutritional values and flavour in fruit and vegetables
  • Reducing weight loss between harvest and sale
  • Extending your selling season
  • Through extending storage, bridging gaps in you production cycle and stabilizing the market for your produce
  • Think of benefits during gluts with the balancing of crop flushes and shortages
  • Hit the marketplace with product in optimum condition, therefore commanding the best prices
  • Product can be shipped rather than air freighted reducing CO2 emissions
  • Reduce food waste (grower level, distribution level, consumer level)
  • Easy to use, one IPP product fits all

In addition to fruit and vegetables, the technology works exceptionally well with herbs.