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the Intelligent choice in Produce Packaging!

Packaging that can can extend the life of produce during transport or storage.

iPPi packaging film blends a very special, all natural mineral with a premium FDA approved PET resin, manufactured to the highest industry standards. The film is designed to be highly permeable to gases with excellent breathability. Passive product and film interaction. No gassing required.
Properties & Features:

  • Breathable PET to allow exchange of gases including Carbon Dioxide, Oxygen, Water Vapor and Ethylene
  • Produce passively interacts with the packaging to reduce respiration rates and slow metabolic activity
  • Condensation reduced with Anti-fog component
  • Produce dehydration and weight loss minimized as levels of humidity are maintained. Vitamin, mineral and juice content also protected
  • Extends shelf life of product with freshness and quality safeguarded
  • Excellent tensile properties – strong, stretchy, resistant to tearing